Benefits of volunteering

Participating in a clinical study gives you the opportunity to contribute to developing medicine that can prevent or alleviate the suffering of individuals with chronic, severe, or life-threatening illnesses.

Your participation helps advance clinical research and aids in finding future treatments and cures. Many of our volunteers and participants have found the experience rewarding and have significantly benefited from it.

Study Reimbursement

We respect the commitment needed to participate in a clinical study, which often involves multiple overnight stays and numerous assessments.

We acknowledge the importance of responsibility, and therefore, each volunteer will receive a complete reimbursement and inconvenience payment, approximately £200 per day. An external ethics committee carefully reviews a study payment based on the level of commitment required and the inconvenience caused to the volunteers in order to successfully complete the program.

Free Health Screening

Whether joining the database or volunteering for a specific clinical study, the process involves standard procedures in most clinical studies. The primary purpose of screening is to assess your general health and well-being so that you can participate in research safely and be amazing!

Participating in the screening process is not an obligation to participate in the research – it’s an opportunity for you, as a volunteer, to visit the unit, ask questions, meet members of the clinical team, and for us to determine whether you are healthy by completing a variety of assessments.

These assessments are similar to those you would receive during a check-up with your GP or a health screen conducted in a private healthcare setting and would typically include the following: Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram (ECG), Physical Exam, and Blood sampling (with a full analysis of the main blood biomarkers/parameters to assess general health).

All these procedures are reviewed by our Research Physicians (Doctors), and this information is shared with you to retain and use for your own benefit.

Clinical Study Flexibility

During a clinical study, there will often be busy days where your cooperation and commitment are vital. However, you will also have plenty of free time to use for studying, working, relaxing, or socializing with fellow volunteers who are on the same journey and are equally amazing. It’s also an excellent chance to get greater insight into the world of clinical research while making new friends who are also taking part in tomorrow.

Latest Study

A 4 overnight stay at Simbec Orion clinic for asthmatic males or females aged 18-65 in a study investigating a new drug being developed for the treatment of certain types of asthma.

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